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Do you wish you could wave a magic wand to get everything finished?

Living in overwhelm is miserable, and you deserve to have time to relax.

Time = Money, and if you’re short on one, you’re short on the other. So let’s fix that.


If you…

  • Only ever seem to have small progress on your goals, even though you grind hard every day 

  • Are being a workaholic

  • Want to make more money, but feel like you’re out of time, so you’re stuck

  • Have clients, but feel like you can’t take any more on (it would just be too much!)

  • Spend hours drudging through your tasks

  • Stop yourself from taking your business to the next level, because you don’t see how you could do it all


This 10-Module Masterclass Series is for you!


I’m sure you’ve heard that you need to ‘work smarter, not harder’ but you are wondering how to even make that happen. All of the productivity books and planners in the world won’t help you if you don’t have time to read them and then implement the concepts.

You will majorly benefit from a productivity makeover.


Here’s the good news: you can overcome your overwhelm-mode. 

Overcoming the overwhelm can be easy. 

It’s the lack of CORRECT strategy that makes time-management so complicated, hard, and scary. Remove the obstacles that are holding you back, and you’re able to step into the wealth that’s waiting for you.


That's why I created the

Abundance Breakthru Series


With ten actionable masterclasses, you will completely transform your productivity and start living in abundance - getting things done will no longer be an issue for you

You will overcome all your biggest obstacles, whether you’re aware of them or not.

This series is uniquely tailored to solve both physical AND emotional productivity issues. If you’ve tried productivity systems that didn’t “stick,” I understand you might be a little uncertain.

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The reason other systems often don’t work is that they only scratch the surface. And here’s why:

While they may help you address your immediate need, other systems don’t solve the deeply entrenched emotional beliefs and patterns around what will and won’t work, and you slip back into old habits. With those old habits lurking, it doesn’t matter how many new strategies you try - they don’t usually last. 

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This 10-module series regularly sells in my shop for $197. 

But I want to make sure you have all the tools you need right now to clear the obstacles, give you room to breathe, and accelerate massive abundance coming into your life. So I am sharing this with you right here at the significantly discounted price of $97


Please note: if you click away, the next time you see this series, it will only be available at $197.


When you enroll, you will:

  • Overcome your business productivity obstacles, both emotional and physical

  • Rewrite your story around your current time-limits

  • Create space for more money-making opportunities

  • Feel the confidence to raise your prices and gain more clients

  • Powerfully do more of what you want, when you want to 

  • Immediately feel more productive, empowered, and inspired to create abundance for yourself


It’s my goal to help as many people as possible to conquer their obstacles, get things done, and finally make progress in their business and life! 

This 10-module series is sold in my shop for $197. 

But for a limited time, I am sharing this with you at the special discounted price of $97


I believe all people can truly make their passion into a significant income. Yours is so close, and together, we can create the perfect strategy to produce the results you desire, without spinning your wheels ever again!


How It Works


What’s Included

  • Video Masterclasses walking you through each module

  • PDF downloads of all of the materials

  • Quick-Action Resources to point you in the right direction

  • Detailed instructions to help you remove all of your obstacles - FAST 


Don't miss out on getting yourself unstuck.  You get Lifetime access to this series, so you can revisit the Masterclasses anytime you need a refresher.


This 10-module/10 week series is sold in my shop for $197. 

But for a limited time, I am sharing this with you at the special discounted price of $97



How much time is this course going to take?

This course is designed with the busy entrepreneur in mind. Each module has a video lesson that’s no longer than 20 minutes, and the worksheets walk you through all of the actions. You’ll be on your way in less than an hour!

How will I access the course materials?

The course will be delivered right to your inbox - you won’t even need to remember your login information!

What if I need help, are you there to support me?

Yes! Within the course materials all of my contact information is provided so you can get the support you need, on most any channel that’s comfortable for you.

What happens if I get behind?

You can easily catch up by setting some time aside in your calendar, since each session is short AND actionable.

What topics does this course cover?

Here are a few of the modules: Controlling your Calendar, Claiming Inbox Zero, Setting DIAMOND Goals (Even better than SMART!), and SIX more! You’ll set all of your productivity foundations solidly in place so you’ll be faster and BETTER at running your business - therefore making more money!

How quickly will I start to see results?

You’ll start feeling like you can breathe again within the first week!


About Jessica

Jessica Hansen is a Productivity and Efficiency Business Consultant who helps women business owners reach their full earning potential through her expertise in creating efficient and sustainable systems.

She has helped her clients remove every obstacle and block in their business, such as lack of clients, inefficient business processes, overwhelming to-do lists, procrastination, fear of failure, and business stagnation.

Dedicated to breaking cycles of struggle and overwhelm, she draws on her lifelong experience creating organized and productive habits and routines.

Jessica believes everyone deserves to be successful, creative, and abundant in their own life. Her goal is to help people to get their gifts, talents, and ideas into the world - more confidently and easily!

satisfaction money-back guarantee

And of course, this is backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee. I want you to be happy with my Abundance Breakthru Series. And if you're not, no problem. Email me within 30 days and I will issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

I am so confident that you will find value in this program, I am happy to allow you to evaluate it.

Honestly, I have seen small business owners lose thousands of dollars a year because they haven’t implemented these easy strategies into their business. Now is the perfect time to change your business. 


It’s totally possible for you to have the abundance you need, desire, and deserve...without stressing, over-working, or the hamster wheel. 

In fact, it’s not just possible - it’s your divine right! 

You’re able to start receiving and achieving the wealth. The only question is if you’re ready.