I am an overcomer.

My journey REALLY started as a teenager. I suffered some serious setbacks. I lost friends. I lost family. Lost out on a lot of fun. Lost myself. I gained a son.

But the trials didn’t end. I gained a severe case of depression, drug and alcohol problems, leaving everything I knew behind to move across the country, counseling, medication, homelessness, domestic violence, welfare, bankruptcy, single parenting. And, I gained another son, a college education, a fantastic corporate job, a new appreciation of the power of God, a wonderful husband, and finally two more children.

My mantra through it all: “I can do anything I decide to do.”

No matter what’s going on in the background. Even when it’s hard.

I didn’t give up.


What kept me afloat in all of this?

A Resilient Mindset

Massive amounts of creativity

Looking at the bigger picture

A system for everything.

What I did was create systems to deal with all of the day-to-day things. While my corporate job educated me. We studied all of the LEAN principles, read the Toyota Way, learned about Six-Sigma, and created hundreds of Continuous Improvement ideas - and then implemented them. I learned that systems work.

I studied systems and created processes in all areas of my life. When I left my corporate job on maternity leave with my third son (and subsequently was laid off), I went process-crazy at home, creating a killer chore chart for my kids, time-management schemes, meal planning, and everything else. (I ALMOST labeled all of my kitchen cabinets and drawers to make sure things were always put back where they belonged.)

I created systems that brought me from $50,000 in debt up to a net worth over a million. I created a life for me and my family based on what I learned on the job. And now, I am sharing it with you.

Because it works.


Now, I help women like you to create the freedom they desire.

Because you want to travel.

Because you want to say "YES" when opportunity appears.

Because you want to do what you want, when you want it, no restrictions.

You want to be free.

That's exactly what these core systems will do for you. When you're ready to stop doing all.the.things, and keep your business GROWING, efficient systems are the key.

Let's do this.